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3D Laser Scanning


3D Laser Scanning opens new opportunities for rapid accurate collection of 3D data in complex environments. In confined or hazardous sites, 3D Laser scanning enables safer remote data capture compared to traditional methods. 


Our laser scanners are another survey tool than can provide faster, safer and more accurate results. It is an excellent solution for built environments and structures, producing data of a much greater density than is possible with a traditional topographical survey.

Alongside laser scanning, we can also utilise other surveying instruments including UAV aerial surveying, GPS and Total Stations, to capture all your spatial data requirements.

Solutions provided for all scanning projects including heritage buildings, as built existing building structure for redevelopment / fabrication / accurate service penetration.

Rapid / 3D data BIM

  • Topographical 3D models

  • Providing essential data in and out of BIM – Building Information Modelling

  • Structural engineering assessment and design

  • Industrial facilities

  • Inspection and comparison – monitoring, archaeological / heritage sites

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