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Auckland City Mission, AUCKLAND CBD

Auckland City Mission, AUCKLAND CBD

Project Goal

The Auckland City Mission building with Built Environs. The proposal is to undertake the redevelopment and extension of the Mission HomeGround. 

Project Parameters

The Auckland City Mission is going to undertake a redevelopment that will include 80 secure and  affordable housing apartments for those with limited incomes. The redevelopment will also provide an extension of existing social services, including health care, dentistry, and a new alcohol and drug detoxification services, providing 30 beds. 

Services Provided

  • Construction Control Installation

  • Existing Boundary Marking

  • Grid/Pile definition

  • Pile Set out and As Built

  • Lower and Upper First Floor Grid Setout pre pour

  • Tower Grid Setout Level Basement to Level 9

  • Survey Certification

Project Period

2018 - 2020

Project Budget

$100 million

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