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Fonterra Building, AUCKLAND CITY

Fonterra Building, AUCKLAND CITY

Project Goal

The Fonterra Building is a seven story, 16,000m2 building for the Fonterra Head Office, including an additional basement level carpark.

Project Parameters

Located opposite Victoria Park the building design responds to Fonterra's environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to business, with environmental initiatives such as:

  • Greywater harvesting,

  • A highly engineered building façade to optimise natural light and occupant comfort and minimise energy use,

  • External 'green walls' spanning the full height of the building, and

  • Energy efficient lighting and air conditioning

Services Provided

  • Calculation of grid in relation to boundary

  • Calculation of building in relation to grid

  • Establishment and maintenance of survey control and setting out of grids

  • Monitoring of surrounding buildings.

  • Retaining wall pile monitoring

  • As Built plans of grid setout on concrete slab

  • Issue of Surveyor Certificates for height and position

Project Budget

$100 million

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