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McLeod Road Unit Title Development - Te Atatu South, Auckland

Project Goal

The proposal is to undertake a seven stage unit title development with a total of 53 terraced dwellings. 

Project Parameters

St Clair Park - Niu Garden will be a gorgeous micro-community of mews-style homes set well off McLeod Road. It is only minutes away from an array of useful local amenities, shops, and bus stops. There will be 53 terrace houses in total. The 'First Stage' will include 13 properties, with options of 2 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms.

Services Provided

  • Prepare Subdivision Resource Consent Application

  • Prepare Land Transfer Unit Title Plan (PUD and SUD)

  • Site survey to fix location of first stage buildings

  • Completion of Cadastral Dataset for proposed unit plan and lodgement with LINZ for approval

  • Council certification and title creation

Project Period

2016 - 2019

Project Budget

$40 million

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