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South Street, Papakura -Seven residential terraced dwellings

Project Goal

Seven residential terraced dwellings

Project Parameters

Cmplete all planning, surveying and civil engineerring work for the new seven dwelling development in Papakura, Auckland.

Services provided

  • Concept Scheme and Drainage Plans

  • Pre-request and attend pre-application meetings

  • Prepare Scheme Plan

  • Public Civil Drainage Design

  • Stormwater Detention Tank Report

  • Catchment Flood Risk Assessment Report

  • Prepare and submit Resource Consent

  • Construction Control Installation

  • Grid definition

  • Set Out Pre-Pour on Profiles

  • Survey Certification

  • As Built of all works and CCTV

  • Land Transfer Survey

  • Compilation of 224 and completion Data

  • Project administration

Project Period

2017 - 2020

Project Budget

$6 million

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