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Whisper Cove - 36 high quality unit titles Snells Beach, Auckland

Project Goal

Whisper Cove: 36 Integrated Unit Title Dwellings


Snells Beach 

Project Parameters

The Whisper Cove development required specialist services to develop an integrated residential development with associated facilities on the property.

Services Provided

  • Boundary adjustment and subdivision to create five separate large lot titles for later staged development sites

  • Define an extension to and realignment of Arabella Lane as legal road and create an esplanade reserve to vest in Council

  • Resource Consent application for subdivision and obtain Section 223 Certification and LINZ approval as to survey for Unit Title

  • Obtaining approvals under Sections 221, 223, and 224 of the Resource Management Act

  • Creation of fee simple and unit titles around an approved development, with a incorporated society for common areas

  • Engineering survey set out, level control and monitored construction of dwellings.

Project Period

2006 to 2007

Project Budget

Stage 1, $50 million

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